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Visual Studio 2017 Editor Matters

Some interesting new editor tricks with the latest VS 2017:

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Some of these, I’m not 100% sure I would need to use on a regular bases… But one of certain interest to me is editing on the ragged column. So what do I mean by that?

Basically there are few editors (text, code, etc) and allow one to mark the beginning and ending columns across many rows in a body of text. Being able to do so allows one to globally insert, copy, paste, change the text marked between the start/end selection. This is very useful for visually seeing changes in text across many rows- Yes yes I know most folks would opt to use Find/Replace or Regular expressions- which fine… those have there place. But it is very useful to have a visual select ability as well. The only other place I’ve seen this is in NotePad ++ with it’s column mode editing. Problem is with NotePad++ is that the selection of begin/end has to be within the same columns across consecutive rows. One cannot pick and choose different rows with different begin/end column positions.

Now enter our favorite VS team with Multi-Caret Support… very nice folks! I would only like to see one small change… make the caret locations a little more visible.


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