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    Dot Net Hell by any other name?

    Just when I think Dot Net Hell days are coming behind us… I run across the reality of the fact that those that created this in the first place are… well… still doing it?

    Take this little gem:

    public static async IAsyncEnumerable<string> GetContent(string[] urls)

    Yes, we now have IAsyncEnumerable… or do we.   In my little experiment, I have a .Net 4.8 console app with C#8.0 language stuff turned on. So, I wanted to mess about with the Async Enumerable…. But in my console app that IAsyncEnumerble goes all red line of crap on me.

    So what’s the deal?  Well it’s simple once you do the digging.   .Net 4.8 does not implement .Net Standard 2.1… Yeah, you guessed it… where the Async Enumerable lives!

    So yeah, I could use .Net Core 3.0 which works with C# 8.0 and .Net Standard 2.1. Or here’s a thought why not just do a .Net Standard 2.1 console app? Well, the latest version of VS 2019 does not have a .Net Standard 2.1 template listed… Ummm, I’m sensing something missing there.

    Welcome to the “New” Hell!


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    Dotnet Core Templates – The Revisit

    So a while back I penned an article (Dotnet new Magic), but now with the latest VS 2019 and Dotnet Core 3.x release… it’s time to revisit.

    In case we forgot – the command is:

    dotnet new -i “–The Template Reference Name Here–” 

    The list of templates can be found in the old place but also here – Dotnet New Templates

    What ones do I add:

    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates”
    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ProjectTemplates”
    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ItemTemplates”
    dotnet new –install “NUnit3.DotNetNew.Template”
    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Templates”   **Some of these already exist, but this one adds the webassembly type.
    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.Azure.IoT.Edge.Module”
    dotnet new –install “Microsoft.Azure.IoT.Edge.Function”
    dotnet new –install “RaspberryPi.Template”