• CosmosDB,  Microsoft

    Good things coming to EF Core 2.2

    I noticed some interesting matters coming to the EF Core. Having access to additional Databases, what’s not to like about that? From the check it department…  Announcing Entity Framework Core 2.2 Preview 2 and the preview of the Cosmos DB provider and spatial extensions for EF Core A first-hand look from the .NET engineering teams blogs.msdn.microsoft.com  

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    From the Dot Net Config some Good Web Sites to check out.

    So in the travels about with the .Net Conf this week check out some site:   Discover .NET Awesome .NET open source & community resources discoverdot.net  And… Showcase of projects built with .net technology – BuiltWithDot.Net BuiltWithDot.Net is a community showcase of projects built with .net framework, .net core, xamarin, mono, mono game, unity, or godot. Anyone can submit.   And…  .NET Foundation dotnetfoundation.org  

  • Microsoft

    Did you say Free Pipelines?

    Who doesn’t like FREE… I may need to have a second like at Azure Pipelines…. on YES! Announcing Azure Pipelines with unlimited CI/CD minutes for open source With the introduction of Azure DevOps today, we?re offering developers a new CI/CD service called Azure Pipelines that enables you to continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform or cloud. azure.microsoft.com  

  • Microsoft,  Visual Studio 2017

    Visual Studio 2017 Editor Matters

    Some interesting new editor tricks with the latest VS 2017: Improving your productivity in the Visual Studio Editor The official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team blogs.msdn.microsoft.com   Some of these, I’m not 100% sure I would need to use on a regular bases… But one of certain interest to me is editing on the ragged column. So what do I mean by that? Basically there are few editors (text, code, etc) and allow one to mark the beginning and ending columns across many rows in a body of text. Being able to do so allows one to globally insert, copy, paste, change the text marked between the start/end selection. This is very useful for visually seeing changes in text across many rows- Yes yes I know most folks would opt to use Find/Replace or Regular expressions- which fine… those have there place. But it is…

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    .Net Conf

    Looks like an interesting talk…. I need to find the time to attend. .NET Conf 2018 Join the .NET Conf 2018 free virtual event September 12-14 to learn about the newest developments across the .NET platform, open source, and dev tools. Mark your calendar! www.dotnetconf.net  

  • .Net Core,  Microsoft

    Time to talk Net Core 3?

    Is it time to talk… some good looking things coming for .Net Core 3 – the deeper reach into the UI with added compatibility for Windows Forms and WPF. Have a read…. Are your Windows Forms and WPF applications ready for .NET Core 3.0? A first-hand look from the .NET engineering teams blogs.msdn.microsoft.com  

  • Microsoft,  Old Tech

    So the begin the long end of Windows 8.1

    Has the time come? The Windows “Vista and ME” of modern operating systems finally nearing end of life. Yes, Windows 8.x will soon join the list of… well let us say… “not best operating systems out there” editions. Important dates regarding apps with Windows Phone 8.x and earlier and Windows 8/8.1 packages submitted to Microsoft Store   blogs.windows.com The only good I ever saw about the Windows 8.x code base was when the Mobile version finally moved windows 7.x mobile forward. Well, that is until Microsoft decided to stop doing mobile. A very sad day when I shutdown my Nokia 1520- It was an excellent phone. Just before I moved my wonderful 1520 to dust shelf of non-supported tech, I was able to get it onto Windows 10 mobile- I even wrote a couple of apps for it. My my… But I must say, while not the best effort, Windows…

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    Visual Studio 2012

    Where do I begin when your aging development environment starts to…. well… eat itself.  To be completely transparent, I’m not a big fan of using old dev environments to try to get production ready code up and running. Normally it’s not an issue, really. But, when one has folks mucking about with the domain and changing things that affect one’s working environment, there’s where the trouble starts. My VS 2012 environment started to act up last week, and at some point I simply had to terminate VS. Ya, not the best way to go about matters, but what can one do? The trouble started not in killing the VS process, rather trying to get it to run again. As I started up a new VS 2012 in Admin mode and “BlamO” a non-responsive process. The damn thing just would not start up. CRAP! After switching into “SafeMode”, I find that…