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    It’s Always the Little stuff

    How many times over the years of using Visual Studio have I’ve added the two lines of code to my console apps (mostly quick simple or testing console apps):


    I know it’s been there since sometime in Visual Studio 2017 … Yes the setting that removes the need for those two lines of code…

    Tools => Options => Debugging => General… The magic check box labelled:

    ‘Automatically close the console when debugging stops’  

    The simple sweetness of that single setting!  A Millionth of a Penny for every time I had to go back in put those two lines of code in my console apps…

    I humbly submit this as proof positive… that it is the simple things that make the difference! 😎


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    Azure Logic App Development in Portal vs Visual Studio

    A funny thing happens when you move away from doing Prototype Azure Logic App all in the Portal to doing them in Visual Studio (where you are supposed to do Production develop). What’s funny… or is it annoying? Well, development life turns out is not the same.

    In the next few days I will be adding a small trip thought some things I notice between the two modes of development.

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    Visual Studio 2017 Editor Matters

    Some interesting new editor tricks with the latest VS 2017:

    The official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team


    Some of these, I’m not 100% sure I would need to use on a regular bases… But one of certain interest to me is editing on the ragged column. So what do I mean by that?

    Basically there are few editors (text, code, etc) and allow one to mark the beginning and ending columns across many rows in a body of text. Being able to do so allows one to globally insert, copy, paste, change the text marked between the start/end selection. This is very useful for visually seeing changes in text across many rows- Yes yes I know most folks would opt to use Find/Replace or Regular expressions- which fine… those have there place. But it is very useful to have a visual select ability as well. The only other place I’ve seen this is in NotePad ++ with it’s column mode editing. Problem is with NotePad++ is that the selection of begin/end has to be within the same columns across consecutive rows. One cannot pick and choose different rows with different begin/end column positions.

    Now enter our favorite VS team with Multi-Caret Support… very nice folks! I would only like to see one small change… make the caret locations a little more visible.