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SSIS (SSDT) and Visual Studio 2019 Oh my

On my way to moving pass… yes! Visual Studio 2012 (VS 2010 Shell!) to VS 2019, I’ve discovered one really annoying thing. SSIS, or as we call now- SSDT projects, really is not mostly ready for Visual Studio 2019?

But there is a preview extension that seems to “mostly” work. Go to the marketplace or in VS Manage Extensions and look for SQL Server Integration Services Projects – not the Reporting Server or Analysis server- those are there too, but the Integration Services.

You add this extension and restart VS…. and you are almost there. 😉  Make sure you actually read the “Known Issues” section on the Overview page page for the extension. Make Special note of Item number 6! (as of the version 3.1). And I will quote:


Variable window and SSIS toolbox may not be displayed properly if .NET 4.8 is installed (Windows 10 1903 installs .NET 4.8 by default). To work around this: 1) open Tools->Options window; 2) navigate to Environment->General; 3) uncheck “Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities”; 4) restart VS. For more details of this issue, please see:

Yeaper… all is fine until you start looking or creating a package and discover the black-hole that is the SSIS Toolbox. 

Oh My Goodness… so sad… Anyway, the tool box does come back after you change the pixel bah bah and restart VS.


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