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So the begin the long end of Windows 8.1

Has the time come? The Windows “Vista and ME” of modern operating systems finally nearing end of life. Yes, Windows 8.x will soon join the list of… well let us say… “not best operating systems out there” editions.

The only good I ever saw about the Windows 8.x code base was when the Mobile version finally moved windows 7.x mobile forward. Well, that is until Microsoft decided to stop doing mobile. A very sad day when I shutdown my Nokia 1520- It was an excellent phone. Just before I moved my wonderful 1520 to dust shelf of non-supported tech, I was able to get it onto Windows 10 mobile- I even wrote a couple of apps for it. My my…

But I must say, while not the best effort, Windows 8.x did move the OS in new directions. Which needed to happen. My work PC is still a Windows 7 machine (you know that OS that is almost 10 years old)… I’m back in the days with my corporate PC, being reminded how long it took to get past Windows XP… some IT shops are just so slow in moving forward.

The next mission, getting Windows 7 out of my tech life. Windows 10, it’s a keeper… I see as one of the good editions of Windows. And yes, in it’s day…. Windows XP and Windows 7 where great OS’s for their time. But tech has to move forward.

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