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My Site Rules in Plain words…

Hi Everyone,

It’s time to post a note about my Site (ScottGeek.Technology)….

Some details….

A- I don’t allow anyone to create, logon, or tamper with this site.

B- I monitor everyone and every bot that attempts to break into my site.

C- I Block, Ban, and record your network traffic to my site when you try to Spam and/or Break into my system.

What I Do Not do:

 Stop anyone or anything from referring to any of my posts- Unless of course, you prove yourself to be a Troll… or do anything from the list above (A-C).

If you have an opinion… everyone does… that’s fine. If it’s on topic, I do allow such comments. However; If you are looking to sell/spam/troll/spout hate or in any way diminish the integrity and value of my site- you, your ip, your very existence on my site will be removed and Banned with No quarter nor Mercy.

I don’t know how to make it any plainer than that.



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