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Blazor and EF Core to Nowhere land.

In the long decent into “Experimental” frameworks- this one being Blazor, I’ve been finding some challenges with getting Blazor to work with the latest EF Core. There’s a few examples of Blazor being used with EF Core (i.e. the CRUD example that’s floating around the inter-Tubes), but nothing that seems to work with the latest Blazor Lang template in the latest VS release.

One can go to a lower EF Core version, well mostly… I’ve yet to get my Blazor Hosted Core test app to compile…. let alone the DB-Context to Scaffold… it just spews errors no matter which direction I go in… Oh Bother….

I have to remember that Blazor is “Experimental” – But it would be nice if would keep up with the forward moving components like EF Core and the latest VS releases. I wonder what all of the Blazor Template releases are doing- seems like each time I run up VS there’s a new Blazor Lang Update. Curious…   

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