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    Site Update

    I’ve noticed an increase of comments to my site- Now I’m not opposed to anyone putting comments here (If I did, I would of course turn comments off). But really folks- if you post from IP’s that are on Blocked-lists, or put odd statements in a comment, then why would I allowed them through?

    So, you will notice the annoying Capcha- not perfect… but there are also spam controllers collecting you as well. 😉 

    My point is- Stop “bot-ing” my site (ya I know that’s never going to stop)… if you are real person and your comment does not show up… well it happens. I’ve too many hits on my firewall from Ad trolls, not everything is going to make it through.


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    My Site Rules in Plain words…

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s time to post a note about my Site (ScottGeek.Technology)….

    Some details….

    A- I don’t allow anyone to create, logon, or tamper with this site.

    B- I monitor everyone and every bot that attempts to break into my site.

    C- I Block, Ban, and record your network traffic to my site when you try to Spam and/or Break into my system.

    What I Do Not do:

     Stop anyone or anything from referring to any of my posts- Unless of course, you prove yourself to be a Troll… or do anything from the list above (A-C).

    If you have an opinion… everyone does… that’s fine. If it’s on topic, I do allow such comments. However; If you are looking to sell/spam/troll/spout hate or in any way diminish the integrity and value of my site- you, your ip, your very existence on my site will be removed and Banned with No quarter nor Mercy.

    I don’t know how to make it any plainer than that.