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    Visual Studio 2012

    Where do I begin when your aging development environment starts to…. well… eat itself.  To be completely transparent, I’m not a big fan of using old dev environments to try to get production ready code up and running. Normally it’s not an issue, really. But, when one has folks mucking about with the domain and changing things that affect one’s working environment, there’s where the trouble starts. My VS 2012 environment started to act up last week, and at some point I simply had to terminate VS. Ya, not the best way to go about matters, but what can one do? The trouble started not in killing the VS process, rather trying to get it to run again. As I…

  • Blazor,  Microsoft

    Blazor and EF Core to Nowhere land.

    In the long decent into “Experimental” frameworks- this one being Blazor, I’ve been finding some challenges with getting Blazor to work with the latest EF Core. There’s a few examples of Blazor being used with EF Core (i.e. the CRUD example that’s floating around the inter-Tubes), but nothing that seems to work with the latest Blazor Lang template in the latest VS release. One can go to a lower EF Core version, well mostly… I’ve yet to get my Blazor Hosted Core test app to compile…. let alone the DB-Context to Scaffold… it just spews errors no matter which direction I go in… Oh Bother…. I have to remember that Blazor is “Experimental” – But it would be nice if…

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    Windows UI Library Preview released! – Windows Developer Blog

    Windows UI Library Preview released! – Windows Developer Blog Windows UI Library Preview released! – Windows Developer Blog We’re excited to announce the first preview release of the Windows UI Library! The Windows UI Library (or WinUI for short) is a new way to get and use Fluent controls and styles for building Windows 10 UWP apps: via NuGet packages. The WinUI NuGet packages contain new and popular UWP XAML controls and features … Source: blogs.windows.com

  • .Net Core,  Microsoft

    Dotnet Core Templates, or DOTNET new -i “the magic”

    Time to touch on this topic again… because every time a new DOTNET SDK comes out I seem to lose the new templates. I understand the why, and ya I wish the .Net Core group would fix it.  The “why”- each time one updates to a new Core SDK, the template scaffolds get placed into a new folder (usually under your users directory in a annoying place like ….\.templateengine\dotnetcli\”version of sdk”\). So each time you move to a new DOTNET SDK, this becomes a problem. The second part of of DOTNET new -i that is an issue, is if you have different nuget repositories set in VS. It’s a great feature in VS 2017 where one can add additional package…

  • Internet,  Security

    Setting up SSL Certs for IIS 10

    So as I enter the world of suffering to get SSL working on some sites… I noticed that most SSL providers (at least the free one I’ve been using) – don’t provide the cert in the file format I need to do just a “import” within IIS. Go figure! So what to do? Well as it turns out there’s a utility to make the the crt formatted file into a pfx (which is what IIS likes). openssl  – look for it on the inter-tubes  openssl pkcs12 -export -out anotherCert.pfx -inkey private.key -in certificate.crt Another point… I generally use SSL For Free for creating quick free SSL certs- they only last 90 days, but if you want longer lasting Certs… yeap you have…

  • BizTalk

    BizTalk: The almost lost secret sauce

    As I was poking about trying to move a support utility forward- I noticed that one command in me “grunt” works console app made use of a Stored Procedure I buried in the BizTalk MSG DB. It’s not big thing. Until I realized that when our systems where upgraded and moved about, I didn’t move my magic SP forward… Well Duh! (I won’t go into how one should never really bolt on crap to a server product, but it was a useful tool)… The SP was just complicated enough not to be able to just re-create from scratch – Yeah, one of those. In a nutshell, the SP looks through active ports within a BizTalk system and does an active…